I am the co-founder of a virtual Music conservatory along with my fiancé. I handle every aspect of operations and HR and needed some help improving our payroll process. it was taking up too much of my time that could be spent elsewhere and that was frustrating. I tried to improve it on my own, but I knew there had to be a better way of doing it. I decided to look for help from someone who had great skills and experience in the area. I got in touch with Alex, we had a meeting about my needs, and she started working on improving our process soon after. Within a few days she had come up with a fantastic system for logging and processing payments for about 30 team members. I love that the process is smart and saves me a lot of time. I also very much appreciate that someone could jump in and use it if I decided to give the task to someone else. If you are looking for a financial controller who can work with you virtually, talk to Alex, she is amazing!